Fantastic day for 2014, our best ever.
Photos taken around the course by Orange Camera Club photographers
are now available at Web Albums - over 700 photos in 8 albums (2014 A to H)

Click for 4 min. video provided by Andrew MacDonald of run leaders.

  Winners of the Mens Open and the Womens Open, two great performances.
     Thomas do Canto, of inner Sydney, set a new record of 46:20, being 1:20
     under Matthew Cox's record time of last year.

        Audrey Amiya-Hall, of Cronulla, always a strong finisher, took 1st this year
        in 58:43, a huge 5:52 off her 2013 time.

   Winners of the Mens and Womens Junior Open are equally impressive.
      Hamish Wallace with a time of 51:43 came very close to 2012 winner
      Ruairidh MacDonald's record Junior time of 51:09

         Zoe Peters, at 11yo, put in the stunning time of 1:15:02 to become
   the youngest ever winner of the Young Woman Canobolas trophy.
   Photo courtesy of Central Western Daily

This event is open to everyone - runners and walkers, young and old, individuals, families, teams.
But it is a challenge, so be sure you are fit enough to complete this course within 3 hours.

The Great Volcanic is a 'fun run' style event where you can run or walk to the top of Mount Canobolas, near Orange.  There is only one course of 11km, with a massed start at 9am.  As you
might expect, the course is mostly uphill but only a couple of sections are steep.  From the Start
near Towac Pinnacle Picnic Grounds (off Pinnacle Rd) you first visit Mt Towac (that's a steep
section but worth it for the views) and then to Young Man Canobolas before the final climb to
Mt Canobolas (also steep).  The overall climb is 520m.  Below is the view from Mt Towac.

You first travel on fire trails with some wonderful views to enjoy, and then on bush tracks through
some beautiful forest areas.  We provide three drink stations (water only) along the course, and
a bus to take you back to the start area where you can buy food and drinks.

This is our ninth year and the entry numbers are growing.  Last year we had 388 starters across
all ages ranging from 8 to 80!  The top runners can do it in under an hour but most contestants
finish in the 1.5 hrs to 2.5 hrs range.

Great Volcanic is rightly called a 'Challenge' and requires a serious effort to complete.  Getting
to the Finish line rewards contestants with a real sense of satisfaction.

If you go to our web albums you can see hundreds of pics to get an idea of what we do.

Great Volcanic appreciates the support of

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Orange City Council        NPWS        Forestry NSW        Orange Camera Club

Great Volcanic event is managed by Goldseekers Orienteering Club